Journal of the American Geriatrics Society Special Issue on the Workforce for Seriously Ill Frail Older Adults in the Community

A new special issue of the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society presents seven papers commissioned to promote discussion of concrete recommendations from a Workforce Summit convened in Napa in May 2018 that we attended, sponsored by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation. Joanne Spetz, conference convener and member of our Health Teams for Frail Older Adults project, shares the summary of recommendations in an issue that discusses how to best ensure an adequate workforce for individuals with serious illness in the community. Steve Bartels, new director of the MGH Mongan Institute, also has work included in the issue with his colleague from the Dartmouth Centers for Health and Aging titled Addressing the Community-Based Geriatric Healthcare Workforce Shortage by Leveraging the Potential of Interprofessional Teams. Check out the issue online, and a previous blog by Joanne in Health Affairs sharing recommendations from the summit.

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