Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation Patient Care Program: Mid-Course Review of the High-Need Patients Investigation

The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation has published a report that provides an overview of funder and grantee work in serious illness care, particularly as it relates to the high-need patient population. Available on their website, the document covers accomplishments, impact, durability and lessons learned from grants related to the priority areas in workforce and accountability and payment. The Health Teams for Frail Elders Project is a component of the Moore Foundation’s Workforce portfolio through the grant titled “Aging Patients and Health Professionals: New Roles in a Changing Health System”. Key themes from the report include:
1. The importance of paid and unpaid caregiver inclusion in health care teams
2. Filling the workforce gap in terms of knowledge, skill and supply to best provide serious illness care to an aging population
3. Improving communication skills of providers around late-life and end-of-life care

Screen Shot 2018-11-27 at 9.27.42 AM

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