Health Affairs Briefing on Aging and Health: Improving Care for Older Adults

On September 24th, Health Affairs hosted a briefing in Washington, D.C. featuring expert panelists from the publication’s Aging & Health articles, a series sponsored by the John A. Hartford Foundation. The briefing covered a range of topics, including moving serious illness care from hospital to the home, disparities in home and community-based care, and the impact of caregiving on spouses and the need for support. Speakers included Timothy G. Ferris of Massachusetts General Hospital, Ann Hwang, Tamara Konetzka, Bruce Leff, Katherine A. Ornstein, Brad Stuart, and Jennifer Wolff, as well as Terry Fulmer, President of the John A. Hartford Foundation. Watch the full policy briefing on the Health Affairs website and follow the hashtag “#AgingAndHealth” on social media platforms for more related to this series. Screen Shot 2019-09-30 at 7.08.21 AM
Image Credit: Health Affairs 

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