Health Teams for Frail Older Adults Project Team to Present Symposium at 2019 GSA Annual Scientific Meeting

The 2019 GSA Annual Scientific Meeting will be held in Austin, Texas from November 13th to 17th. Centered around the theme of “Strength in Age: Harnessing the Power of Networks”, the meeting will gather 4,000 aging professionals and experts from around the world to network and learn about the newest cutting-edge research in the field.

Several members of the Health Teams for Frail Older Adults Project Team will present a symposium panel titled “Optimal Health Professional Staffing of Primary Care and Geriatric Practices Serving Frail Older Adults”. Karen Donelan will serve as chair of the panel and Peter Maramaldi will be the discussant. Julie Berret-Abebe and Barbara Roberge will be joined by Karen Donelan (serving in this role in place of David Auerbach who had a scheduling conflict) as authors on the symposium panel. The panel will feature some of the team’s work with site visits in various regions across the country, as well as team social work research and content related to the team’s national survey of Primary Care and Geriatric Health Professionals of 2018.

Register for the conference or find out more about GSA on their website.


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