Dr. Berrett-Abebe Leads HTFE Project Paper Published in Social Work in Health Care

Dr. Julie Berrett-Abebe recently led a paper from the Health Teams for Frail Elders project published by Social Work in Health Care titled “Physician and Nurse Practitioner Perceptions of Social Worker and Community Health Worker Roles in Primary Care Practices Caring for Frail Elders: Insights for Social Work.” The paper uses data from the 2018 Survey of Primary Care and Geriatric Clinicians to examine clinician perceptions of the role of social and community health workers in several different types of staffing models: practices that had neither social work nor community health work employees, practices that employed only social work, practices that employed only community health work, and practices that used both social work and community health work in their staffing models.

Fellow Health Teams for Frail Older Adults project team members Karen Donelan, Barbara Berkman, David Auerbach, and Peter Maramaldi are co-authors on the paper.



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