Nursing Health Services Research Agenda for the 2020s Report and Webinar

Health Teams for Frail Older Adults project team members Peter Buerhaus and Karen Donelan were part of a recently published report titled “Nursing Health Services Research Agenda for the 2020s.”  Produced based on a conference held in Bozeman, Montana in July of 2019 (attended by project team members Dr. Buerhaus, Dr. Donelan, & Dr. Joanne Spetz), the report aims to build a greater awareness of nursing health services research for the coming decade and outlines a research agenda for action. Recommendations outlined in the report include:

  1. Improve Access to Behavioral Health and the Effectiveness of Interventions and Services
  2. Improve Access to Primary Care and Improve the Effectiveness of Primary Care Delivery Systems
  3.  Improve Maternal Health Outcomes and the Delivery of Maternal Health Care
  4. Improve Care of the Nation’s Aging Population, Including Frail Adults
  5. Help Control Healthcare Spending, Reduce Costs, and Increase the Value of Nurses’ Contribution to Health and Health Care Delivery

The report was funded by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, the Montana State University College of Nursing, and the Montana State University Office of the Vice President for Research and Economic Development. In addition to Drs. Buerhaus and Donelan, other co-authors of the report include Grant Martsolf (Pitt), Sean Clarke (NYU), Hilary Barnes (University of Delaware), Catherine Crawford Cohen (RAND), and Heather Tubbs Cooley (Ohio State).

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